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Powerview: an everyday coaching tool to see and emphasize rowing technique for your crew. The lightweight unit combines speed data and video for easy review, using hi-resolution GPS and acceleration information, with professional grade video cameras.

The Powerview system comes as a complete package, with video cameras and GPS, along with free companion software for your computer which allows you to review every stroke of your crew’s practice.

How does Powerview work?
Powerview is composed of both a GPS to record speed and set of accelerometers which can measure check, acceleration, and the set of your crew. All of this data is recorded and synchronized, so that you can see how each factor contributes to your boat speed. When combined with the high-def video recordings from on board cameras, the Powerview system provides a wealth of diagnostic information about your crew, their technique, and the way their shell is rigged.

The system is lightweight, easily mounted in the bow of the boat, and records using 2 simple buttons. Its battery is easily removed for charging and all data is stored on a removable SD card, meaning the unit can stay in the shell after installation. The small cameras can be mounted virtually anywhere on the shell to focus on what you want to see—and Powerview has tested many useful camera configurations in both practice and in racing situations.

Powerview sessions are easy to store on your PC. The data from a typical outing takes less than 5 minutes to load onto your laptop, where our free software empowers you to review the row. Sessions and parts of a workout can be easily identified and reviewed with the athletes, either right away, or later in the season, comparing development and growth. The software lets you as the coach study your crew on video, see the acceleration and speed profiles of their best technique, and give your athletes tools to make that speed a winning habit.